SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

You must find all the warriors of Light who are incarnated now and remind them about their mission

Lord Lanto
April 12, 2005

I AM LANTO, having come to you through this Messenger.

I HAVE come to have a very important and crucial conversation with you now. You know that every time we come to give a dictation, we try to offer you a piece of new information, but usually it is just a new point of view on the facts and information with which you are already familiar.

Now I want to offer you absolutely new information, and this information will possibly seem unexpected and even fantastic to many of you.

So, I am beginning. You know me as the Lord of the Second Ray. This is the Ray of Wisdom and Illumination. So, my teaching will be delivered to you through this very Ray.

Imagine a person who has managed to neutralise all the negative karma accumulated in his bodies for many thousands of embodiments. The emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies of such a person do not contain any energy which was misused by him during the entire cycle of his existence on planet Earth. What do you think will happen to this person?

Will he be able to go on dwelling in the physical world or will he have to perform a transition so as to continue his existence in a higher world?

But are there people on planet Earth who have managed to neutralise all their karma?

You may justly say that apart from neutralising karma it is also necessary to carry out the Divine Plan.

But the Divine Plan for every individual is completely coordinated with the Divine Plan for the whole planet Earth. And perhaps many of you have already guessed that most likely such a man will keep staying in embodiment. God’s Plan is not aimed at enabling one particularly advanced individual to go on perfecting himself after separating himself completely from other living creatures and the entire universe. Therefore, if a person has managed to neutralise his personal karma, it does not mean at all that he can immediately perform a transition to the higher planes.

On the contrary, such a human becomes very important for God and the Ascended Hosts. He is no longer burdened by excessive karmic loads; his chakras are liberated from karmic rubbish and start conducting the Divine Energy in all its fullness.

Of course, if an individual wishes to perform the transition, his appeal will not be turned down. But in fact a person who has neutralised his personal karma up to 100% stops thinking in personal terms. He realises his unity with the entire universe, and he realises his entire unity with God. That is why such a person willingly grants his bodies for the carrying out of the Divine mission.

You know that in addition to personal karma, families, towns, countries and the world also have karma.

On the whole, the entire planet is surrounded now by very dense energies. These energies can be compared to a very dense crust shrouding the planet. It is necessary to dissolve this crust of negative energy.

A person, having worked out his karma, takes upon himself obligations to transmute the planetary karma in the higher planes. What is this process like?

When the aura of a person acquires the Divine Purity and his chakras conduct the Divine Energy into the world freely, such a person willingly starts to absorb negative energies from the surrounding world into his aura and to convert them. It can be compared to a vacuum cleaner. The person comes into contact with the auras of other people or with masses of negative energy drifting in the surrounding area, and with the help of his chakras starts neutralising this dense negative energetic substance.

Such people can be compared to Christ in their service to the world. As the vibrations of these people differ too much from the vibrations of the surrounding world, they perceive the very dwelling in the surrounding world as an endless daily crucifixion.

They are really crucified on the cross between Spirit and Matter.

Worlds join each other within the chakras of these people.

You know that human chakras bind the physical body with the higher bodies. So, when the chakras of a human are completely purified, such a man becomes similar to an open door between the worlds.

The service of such a person is in this case similar to the service that Christ carried out while in incarnation. Such people sacrifice of their free will for the sake of the salvation of others.

Do you understand what I am speaking about, beloved? A person voluntarily chooses to stay amidst the densest energies of this world. But, as his vibrations differ too much from the vibrations of the surrounding world, the very act of staying among human beings is for him like a daily crucifixion on a cross. And this is a crucifixion indeed. Such a man takes upon himself the karma of the world, the sins of the world. He absorbs these sins and karma into his body and transmutes them by his service to the world and to all living creatures.

I give such a detailed description of this service because many of you render such a service to the world, but, possibly, do not even realise this with your external waking consciousness and physical mind.

Each true lightbearer who is embodied now serves 24 hours a day, without sleep or rest.

That is because many of you go on serving during your sleep as well, in the astral plane in the higher bodies, to help purify this plane from negative energy. During this night labour your higher bodies receive real wounds. You get up in the morning and do not remember the night’s heroic deeds and feel broken and weak, because the angel-healers did not have enough time to help your higher bodies during your night’s sleep.

I want you to know about the service of your fellows and about your own service.

Your work is invaluable in the eyes of God and the Ascended Hosts.

And I feel uneasy asking you to take upon yourselves an additional burden. There are very few warriors of Light embodied on earth at present. Many of them have forgotten about their duty and yielded to the temptations of this world. They have forgotten what they have come into embodiment for.

That is why I ask you to find these warriors of Light and to remind them of their service and the duties they took upon themselves before coming into embodiment.

Find them, give them these dictations to read, talk to them. Let it be a personal conversation or a public lecture. Each of you knows what you should do.

But you should find all the warriors of Light who are incarnated now and remind them about their mission.

I would like to thank you for your service. And I bow my head before God’s Light beaming from within you.

I AM Lanto.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova