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Two cycles are stated by me in the Apocalypse - the cycle of the descent into matter and the cycle of the ascension from matter

John the Beloved
April 4, 2005

I AM John the Beloved. You should remember me. I am known as the person who wrote the Apocalypse, the Revelation of John the Beloved.

I wrote down the information which I had received as a revelation during my spiritual insights on the island Patmos.

I wrote it down in a form which allowed me to impart the essence of the Revelation and at the same time to veil this essence.

Many people have tried to comprehend the sense of my Revelation, but they failed. Not because the sense was not written in words, but because it was not clearly understood by them.

I used many symbols and different meanings for one and the same symbol. I used words having different meanings. I used negative images in a positive sense, and I used chronology, which could not be interpreted with the help of the terrestrial system of chronology.

I had to do it, because I was talking about an event belonging neither to this millennium nor to the previous or the following ones. I was talking about an event which has been happening on earth during all the period of human evolution on this planet. Both one thousand and one million years mean exactly the same for a human if we consider this thousand and this million in regard to the term of a human life. From the height of Heaven these units are equal in comparison to less than a hundred of years of a human life.

I was talking about the period of mankind’s evolution, and I meant the entire cycle of man’s existence in the physical body.

A dragon and a beast have different meanings in my allegory. The dragon means the Good, and the beast means the evil. The dragon descends to the Earth from the Heavens, pursues the wife in fury, and she conceives a baby of the male sex.

In this allegory the wife represents mankind. The Dragon is the Divine wisdom, which has descended into man. The Baby is a fruit of this wisdom, the Higher Self of man which will be concealed from him for more than a thousand years. Do try to understand the existence of earthly mankind during millions of years, and the beast, raging during all this period. The beast is in fact man’s ego and passions.

The beast must be thrown down just as the Dragon was thrown down from the Heavens and descended into matter, mother, and wife.

Two cycles have been stated by me in the Apocalypse - the cycle of the descent into matter and the cycle of the ascension from matter.

While dwelling in matter, seven more cycles pass by. They are proclaimed by the sounds of angelic trumpets.

Each cycle brings troubles and misfortunes through which mankind must pass so as to become free from the beast, which has merged with man and prevents the Divine human nature from manifestation.

All these troubles and misfortunes that mankind passes through are necessary for it to realise its Divine nature, to liberate itself from the beast of carnal desires and carnal mind, and to raise its consciousness to the level of the Divine Wisdom. The latter is symbolised by the descent of a Quadrangular Town at the end of the cycles.

Seven cycles symbolise seven human Races, and seven heads of the Dragon symbolise seven human Races.

And, having passed through these seven cycles, man should liberate himself from the beast’s consciousness and become a Divine Man.

I have given you an allegory, symbolising the descent of the Supreme Spirits into matter, and I have given an allegory of the ascension of these Spirits from matter together with the rise of consciousness of the entire mankind. I am very sorry that the images and symbols used by me have been misunderstood and distorted.

And if you read my dictation together with the dictations of Moses and Zarathustra, the sense of the ancient Truth will be revealed to you, to those of you who want to know the Truth, and to those of you who are ready to be acquainted with it.

Many years will pass before this Truth takes possession of the minds of many people. And many years will pass before the consciousness of most people acquires the transparency of crystal and is capable of passing through itself the whole plenitude of the Divine Truth.

But now your consciousness is similar to a lackluster glass; you look through it and cannot make out the Truth despite all your efforts. One person sees only general contours of the Truth, and another sees nothing at all and has to rely on the opinion of those who see something.

And it also happens that a person who does not see anything cannot believe a sighted person who is able to see, and accuses the latter of lying, or envies him.

The beast of human ignorance will still reign over the minds of people for a long time. Many people resemble beasts and hear the voice of Reason neither in themselves nor in others, and only trouble, misfortune and suffering are capable of teaching these people to be people. They call these troubles upon themselves by their deeds and actions with respect to each other, to nature and to Mother Earth.

The time you live in is terrible. The darkest passions rage in people. They do not want to hear the voice of Reason and do not want to turn back on the Path of knowing the Divine Truth.

And everything will be just as I have described. And no cup will pass from anyone.

So it was, and so it will be.

But sooner or later the cycles will be over, and man will get rid of his animal nature and will be rewarded by dwelling in the heaven-world, which he has deserved and which he certainly will achieve in his consciousness.

It will be just as I have described. Just read it.

Today I have given you the clues necessary to understand my Revelation.

And I have told you as much as I was to tell. For those who understand, I have told too much, and for those who are not capable of understanding, I have told nothing.

I AM John the Beloved, and I have been with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova