SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

I invite you to enter my School of Mysteries

Lord Maitreya
March 28, 2005

I AM Maitreya. I HAVE come. I have come through this messenger. I have come!

Follow attentively my words addressed to you today. It may seem to you that my words are meaningless and do not provide any new information. Do not be hasty with opinions. Let me decide what information is to be given to you now in order to enable you to take the next step on your spiritual Path.

All of you are warriors of Spirit. You come to this physical world to fight with the illusion. This is the plan of God for the present. At the beginning you absorb this illusion; you can even identify yourself with it. But the moment comes when you have to part with it and to ascend to a higher level of your consciousness evolution.

And you become an arena of conflict between two opposite forces – defending the illusion on the one hand and aspiring to overcome it on the other hand. It may seem to you that this fight takes place in your world. In fact it takes place inside each of you.

The essence of the initiation you are going through now is to realise the fact that the fight takes place inside of you. You will be embodied in the physical world and find yourselves among similar people experiencing the same conflict within them until this conflict dwells inside of you.

You will be fighting your passions, weaknesses and imperfections until you have done with them completely.

This is the sense of the war being waged by the forces of Light against the forces of evil. I will explain this sense to you now, and my explanation is understandable for your level of consciousness. As soon as your consciousness becomes pure and your mind is crystal-clear, we will give you more advanced knowledge and a new understanding of the conflict.

Therefore, I advise you to stop waging this external war and looking for enemies outside yourself.

Every person approaching you in the physical plane does it precisely because your vibrations allowed him to do it. If such a person does you harm or insults you, you should not take him for your personal enemy or a fallen angel. He approaches you so as to give you a chance to repay your karmic debt to him. He may also approach you to give you a lesson and to check whether the lessons you have received through our previous Teaching have been mastered by you sufficiently.

Every time you want to take vengeance on this person for the harm he has done or to punish him you must understand that it was I who came to you in the appearance of that person. I do it in order to see whether you mastered our lessons well enough.

There is nothing outside you to fight with. If you want me to reveal to you your real enemy, just come up to the mirror and look into it. This is your real enemy with all his carnal wishes, egoism, self-sufficiency and self-confidence in the opinion that he has already known all the Truth and is able to teach others.

To be able to teach the Truth you have to work upon yourself very much. You have to wage war with your unreal part. You must go through the fight with your unreal part, you must slay your dweller-on-the-threshold - your ego - preventing you from entering another level of consciousness and gaining a victory in your consciousness. You must be the winner of your fight. Only then and no sooner will you be granted a right to teach.

The guru mantle, as well as the messenger’s mantle, is not granted by us without the achievement of definite merits. Many of you had these mantles in your previous incarnations. Your souls know this. You have a great momentum of achievements acquired by you in the past.

You have lost your mantles for different reasons. But every time you come in incarnation you are given a chance to go through initiations and to return your mantles.

That is why I invite you to enter my school of mysteries and to pass trials. Many of you would like to have me as a personal Teacher. I am always ready to accept new disciples. You just need to come up to the altar and ask me to accept you as a disciple. You can simply feel this wish inside of your heart.

Many people want to become my disciples. I accept all of them. However, very few of these disciples manage to pass the very first trial I ask them to go through.

I do not need to come personally to offer you my first trial. I would send a person to you, whom you consider to be your enemy, and this person will perform some action against you which will seem insulting to you. The aim of any test is to upset your balance. You are assessed not by whether your balance is upset or not. You will be assessed by the conclusion you come to at the end of such a trial.

The best disciples always thank God and me as a teacher for the opportunity to go through this test.

But some of the disciples happen to be not ready for the primary level of my initiations and cannot even understand that it was my test for them. Their reaction usually is that of bearing a grudge, feeling hatred and anger, wishing to take vengeance.

Such a person is deprived of an opportunity to be my disciple sometimes until the completion of his current embodiment.

All this explains the situation that there are many who desire to enter my school of mysteries, but only a handful of them can pass this small entrance examination and receive an opportunity to go through the next trials.

I do not need to gather my disciples in some definite place on earth to put them to the test. I use the circumstances of your life and the people surrounding you in life to send you my trials.

All of you have a potential opportunity to enter my school of Mysteries, but only a few receive a chance to finish the school and to be granted a guru mantle upon leaving it.

It is not news for you that Tatyana, the messenger through whom I am giving this dictation now, finished my school in the year 2002. She undertook an accelerated course of teaching. Such was the necessity of that time.

When Tatyana started her learning, only a few of us were sure that she would manage to complete it. But she did, and now we have an opportunity to give our Teaching through her.

I want you to know that this is not an extraordinary situation. Each of you can be taught under my guidance. And I invite all of you to join my disciples.

But it is necessary for you to remember that from the moment of your appeal to me with a request to accept you as a disciple all the imagined disasters will happen in your life and your usual life will be ruined before your eyes.

This is a necessary part of learning, regardless of its character which will seem cruel to you. You must realise that everything surrounding you is an illusion and you have to break with all the attachments of your consciousness. It will sometimes seem to you that you are incurably ill and have to die. You will have to accept this thought with humility. It will seem to you that you have lost your Path and that God cannot be so cruel as to punish you so severely. Your carnal mind will rush about in search of any illusory opportunity to catch hold of in order to take you away from the Path of Initiations.

You will be fighting your carnal mind and the unreal part of yourself. The longer you persist the more painful for you the passing of the final trial of my school will be. You cannot become my school leaver while any of your parts resists obeying the Law of God.

Yes, my beloved, my school leavers give up the free will granted to them by God.

The free will was God’s gift to man. When a person gives up this gift of God willingly, he goes through the final initiation in my school. He passes a final examination.

I have revealed to you many secrets of my School today.

I have been absolutely open. In fact, I have never been so frank in my talk before such a big audience to date. I hope that my talk today will be of benefit to you.

And if any of you considers yourself to be able to learn in my school, you are welcome. The doors of my school are always wide open. But there are only very few of those who desire to enter my school and to test themselves.

I AM Maitreya, and I am waiting for you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova