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The Earth is living through a critical time at present

Sanat Kumara
March 22, 2005

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come through my messenger again.

A verbal explanation of the forthcoming events can reflect only a small part of these events and has a very approximate and probabilistic character.

At that very moment when the entire creation was started all the future events were planned already in the form of their probability.

In our world there are such notions as the zodiac and the signs of the zodiac. For a person acquainted with the language of stars all the present and future events are already written down in the information field formed by the manifested stars. If you could master the language of stars perfectly you would be able to read the future of your planet written in the language universal for this universe.

But you can hardly find a temporal astrologist capable of understanding this language at present.

The true knowledge which is the key to the language of stars and allows us to foresee the future is hidden from contemporary man. Just in the same way you are not permitted to foresee death and know your future and past. This knowledge is also hidden from you

But the future and the past are determined by the present, by every minute and every second of your present. Time and space limits are actual for your world. There are no such limits in the Higher Worlds. That is why the perfect matrix of creation can manifest itself in space-temporal coordinates in many ways, but the probability of these ways is determined by your every-minute choice.

Therefore, the plan for the universe’s evolution, which also includes the plan for your planet, can change within a definite range, but this range is limited by frames. And if the evolution of some planet takes place somewhere on the boundary of the channel set up for this planet by the Highest Plan, the whole Hierarchy of Space Beings interferes to correct this evolution when necessary.

It happened many times with your planet already. The evolution would reach some certain critical point and turn back to the former safe channel.

The danger for evolution appears when it cuts itself off from the Higher Forces and the Hierarchs of the universe, from God and the Divine Law.

There are certain critical points in the history of any planet as well as in the history of the Earth. These critical points are determined by the zodiac and its cosmic cycles. At these points we check whether the information field of the Space Law and its direction are in conformity with the direction of the evolution of the lifestreams on the planet. At these moments the evolution of the planet is being corrected in case the deflection of the evolution from the direction originally set up exceeds the critical point.

Nowadays a similar phenomenon takes place. The evolution of the planet has deflected from the trajectory set up by the Space Law and it requires a correction.

We come recurrently through different prophets and messengers to remind you about the governing Law and the necessity to observe it.

And all the predictions of the past and present about the doomsday and different disasters are nothing else but reminders for you about the necessity to obey the Law governing in this universe.

The Law will be observed independently of whether you wish to obey it or not.

The Higher Forces have always taken aim to hold mankind on the edge of the precipice and to restrain it from self-destruction.

We have always helped mankind and we help it now to broaden the consciousness of people, to overcome their inner limitations and to ascend to the next level of the evolution of consciousness.

The Earth is living through a critical time at present. The task that lies before mankind now is to realise the fact that apart from the physical plane there are also higher planes and that Man is a Great Space Spiritual Being. Man’s potential is great.

But mastering this potential will not happen until Man overcomes those of his traits which are tying him down to the physical plane.

When we watch some of you from the higher plane where we ascended, we sometimes have the same feelings as you have when watching an ant.

You may have watched an ant dragging a large burden towards its ant-hill. From your level you see better the path it should take. And you see that the path could have been shortened and the ant-hill could have been reached faster and with less force applied.

If you watch an ant you will understand the feelings we have when watching your evolution.

Just in the same way when you set yourselves to do an ant's job we cannot fulfil it for you because your tasks must be performed by you.

We may render certain assistance and we are doing it constantly, but only within the frames permitted by the Law.

One kind of our help is reminding you of the cosmic deadlines and explaining to you who you are in reality.

Your potential is great. In contradistinction to you an ant will not be able to achieve a human form of evolution in this manvantara, i.e. this period of the universe’s evolution. But you will still be able to manifest your true Divine nature before the end of this manvantara[1].

That is why we undertake such great efforts to prevent the destruction of the very physical platform - the Earth - which has sheltered you and grants you a safe environment for life and development.

Each cataclysm, each natural calamity is a consequence of your imperfect consciousness. In truth, you reap the fruit of your disobedience, egoism and obstinacy when you meet face to face with such manifestations of the elements.

The information fields of mankind and of the Earth are very closely linked and interwoven.

That is why any imperfect thought exerts influence upon the entire planet, spreading round the globe and coming into resonance with similar imperfect thoughts and feelings.

In the same way thoughts appealing to Weal and Good, positive thought-forms and emotions improve the stability of the whole planet and contribute to the levelling of the axis of the equator.

Billions of space beings are ready to serve day and night tirelessly so as to let you exist and evolve in peace, to prevent many of the possible catastrophes and cataclysms or to soften their effect.

But your help must also be included in the actions of the Ascended Hosts.

Meditate at Good, Weal and Love. Keep internal peace and quietness. Each of you should become a fulcrum on Earth, a conductor of Light. This Light will help you equalise the balance of your planet. This Light will help the Earth in ascending to the next level of evolution.

I am happy to watch the achievements which many of you have reached. And I am sincerely glad of your successes on your Path.

In accordance with the Space Law I cannot come and shake hands with each of you. But you can reach my level in your higher bodies. And I will embrace everybody approaching me and shake hands with him.


I AM Sanat Kumara

[1] Manvantara is the period of Manu's government. It is the beginning and the end of a certain phase in the evolution of a Planet and everything existing on it. In accordance with the Hindu tradition this period equals 307 million earthly years. (translator’s footnote)

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova