SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

We show you the Path

Sanat Kumara
March 15, 2005

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come. It has become a tradition to give dictations through this messenger. We will continue doing this until internal or external conditions change.

Due to the present state of the world, it is a great rarity to obtain a pure enough transmitter for the perception of our information.

In the course of the reading of these dictations you have met with doubts in your consciousness. Actually, there is a certain difference between the information presented by us and its final version received in the course of transmitting it through the people-messengers embodied now.

But this difference is connected with a greater degree of freedom. We try to give information not only in the framework of the old Teachings - received by people during previous years - but to broaden your understanding of the higher world as well. Any system of world outlook, regardless of its well-knit argument, describes the higher reality roughly enough. Therefore, we have chosen another way of giving information without becoming attached to any existing system of terminology. As you may notice, we use almost no terms which were used before in other religious and philosophical systems.

Our intention is simple. The Truth must be set forth in such an accessible way that even a child can understand it.

You can notice at times that different systems are notable for their complexity. Yes, the organization of the universe is very sophisticated and is hardly comprehensible for human consciousness at the present stage of its development.

Therefore, regardless of our attempts to set forth some things in a simple way, you are not capable of perceiving them. So we have chosen another way. This is the way of giving you and your knowledge a correct direction. When you realise which direction is to be chosen for your movement, you will be able to provide for every eventuality on your path. You will find instruments of the Spirit suitable for you, and spiritual practices and methodologies as well. But you will no longer wander here and there, because your inner orienteer and the compass of your consciousness will have a correct direction.

The process of giving this direction is very delicate so as not to cause its rejection from the side of your external consciousness. Have you noticed that all or almost all the information transmitted by us through this messenger is acceptable for you? Your consciousness seeks contradictions, while your critical mind seeks things to cling to. And it does not find them.

That is because the higher the level at which the Truth is stated, the more difficult it is to find contradictions.

We can give such an example. You see a peak in front of you - the Peak of Divine Consciousness covered by a shining snow-white cap. But, when you set off to this Peak, you enter a wood, wander along the clefts, climb the cliffs and no longer see the Peak in front of you.

This can be compared to your entering the structure of any church or organisation with its regulations, settings, dogmas, etc. You are literally ensnared by impassable bushes of dogmas and rules. Nobody remembers any longer what these rules were made for. But you are demanded to follow them by any means, otherwise you will be either burn in hell or all the imaginable disasters of this world will happen to you.

But if you remember, constantly remember, that Peak of Divine Consciousness you are aspiring to, you will pass through these bushes which clutch at you with thorns, and they will not harm you.

Exactly so, when you enter a thick forest of dogmas from centuries-old religions and do not see even the blue sky behind these dogmas and regulations, you recollect the Divine Peak you are going to and find the way out.

When you continue your way and start climbing the cliffs and stone clefts of new teachings – the new-sprung and thus very slippery and unstable ones - you recollect that Divine Peak. And you get help and support which can be a hand of a friend or a just rope thrown to you by the brothers who have already ascended higher.

These dictations are not for those who have found rest on a forest glade near a stream surrounded by twittering birds and fluttering butterflies. Such glades are like those teachings and sects where you are told to strive for bliss while dwelling in your world, to love everybody and to manifest only good human qualities.

There cannot be real perfection in your world. The longer you play saints the more painful is the blow you must undergo. This blow will awaken you from lethargy on your beautiful glade and will inspire you to climb the peak, overcoming yourselves and your imperfection. As you climb, all your old sores and injuries received in this and previous incarnations will reveal themselves.

But you will continue to move forward, surmounting pains from these injuries, contusions, wounds and cuts.

Our task is to give you the Path, the right direction. But you will go by yourselves, each by your own individual path.

But, after having got a correct direction, you will never lose your path again.

We show you the Path to the highest peak of comprehension of the Divine Reality.

Here is the Path. Do go. Do aspire. Only do not stop in your evolution.


I AM Sanat Kumara and I AM with you along the whole length of your Path.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova