SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Recommendations to humankind of the Earth

Beloved Surya
June 21, 2007

I AM Surya, having come to you again from the Great Central Sun.

I HAVE come again to humankind of the Earth in order to give instructions and to strengthen and develop the connection between the worlds. As usual, I would like to pay attention to the news, concerning current events which are revealed now and are taking place in your world and which are going to descend into your world in the nearest future, as in the finer plane these events are ready to descend into the physical world.

You know that we work with humankind of the Earth thanks to the Divine mercy, the dispensation that allows us to correct the course of evolution on the planet. And you know that millions of years ago humanity of the Earth deviated from the evolutional path; and it brought some turmoil to the common course of evolution. Many life-streams got a deceleration of their development and, on the contrary, many life-streams accelerated their development thanks to Divine mercies and opportunities. Each of you can make his own choice whether to follow the Divine Law or to continue living in accordance with those laws which have formed on planet Earth and which at the given moment do not quite conform to the plan for the planet, the plan existing at the Divine level, which should be realized soon.

Please, do understand that we do not wish to cause you pain and suffering. Millions of beings of Light from all over Space are ready to help you. However, you and only you slow down the evolution on the planet. You allow yourselves to perform such deeds and to have such imperfect states of consciousness which are inadmissible at your stage of evolution. We are forced to resort to such measures, when just before your eyes your imperfect deeds, thoughts and feelings are materialized into outer conditions like unfavorable weather, cataclysms, troubles which you face in your lives: diseases, afflictions and misfortunes.

You yourselves are the cause of what happens with you and around you. We all are closely connected in the etheric plane, and we all belong to the common chain of evolutions in the universe. There is no particular difference between you and me. I stand several hundred steps higher than you. And that is the difference between us. Therefore, you should listen to the advice, coming from me or from any other Ascended Master who gives his messages through our representative on the Earth, our messenger Tatyana.

Now you have this opportunity of almost direct communication. Use this opportunity and try to treat our dictations not as fairy tales you listened to in your childhood before going to bed, try to treat our dictations as the guidance which you should follow in your life. Believe me; the opportunity that you have now gives you a great advantage. In such a way we are intending to pull out of the nets of illusion millions of life-streams, lost souls, who were wandering about in the thicket of illusion from incarnation to incarnation and who face whole swarms of fears, doubts, misfortunes, and diseases.

We throw our nets again to pull out thousands and millions of lost souls from the waters of the astral plane.

We come in order to give you an impulse, that energy impulse which will allow you to wake up and to turn your look up at the Heavens, at the bright sun of the New Day, the Day the dawn of which has already begun.

I have come to you today in order to give necessary instructions for the future. You are those beings of Light who are lost in the thicket of the matter; and we give you a helping hand. Please, do not refuse our help, do not show presumption which is more typical of teenagers, and do listen to our advice.

Due to the Law of Free Will, acting in the Universe, you have an opportunity to choose your future yourselves. You have an opportunity to listen to my and our advice, and you have an opportunity to refuse the outstretched helping hand.

I must warn you that now you are hanging over an abyss, and if the mist around you hides this from your view and does not allow you to see your lamentable state, it does not mean there is no danger of rolling down into that abyss at any moment.

You may disbelieve me. You may continue to stubbornly refuse the offered help. That is your right. But there are individuals among you who ask us for help, and we cannot but help them as the call forces us to respond. We cannot save you by force, but our duty is to offer a helping hand to those who need it.

We are with you for your whole long Path from the matter back to the Divine world. We are with you all along your Path. And very soon, if you follow our advice, you will be able to distinguish us and will consciously receive our assistance. But now you need to believe our messages and the information which we are giving through our messenger.

There were always the people who declared themselves messengers of Heavens. And they spoke on behalf of God. There were people who listened to and followed the advice, coming from above, and there were people who mocked at it and followed their own way.

It is your choice. It is your free will.

My task and our task is just to warn you about the consequences of your choice. And my task and our task is to point out for you that the time has accelerated, and the consequences of your wrong choices will be visible to you just in a couple of days after you have made the wrong choice. This is done especially for you to track with your external consciousness the effect of the Great Cosmic Law of this universe, which in former times was stated in the following way: "As you sow, you shall reap".

It is a very rational Law, the Law-Teacher, which helps you learn by your mistakes made by you in the past. This Law you should learn in schools. The generation, starting their life now, must know this Law. And if there are problems with the introduction of the subject Laws of the Universe at school, you can always explain the effect of this Law to your children and grandchildren. And the more people are informed about this Law, the better the situation on planet Earth will be, as those people who know this Law will beware of breaking it. Not because of fear, but because of the wish to avoid unnecessary obstacles on their Path.

Believe me, sometimes it is better to get around an obstacle, than to climb up a vertical rock without a safety rope.

We come in order to give you our short guidance. Please inform your children and grandchildren about the safety rules of living on planet Earth.

I sincerely hope for your help and support.

I AM Surya, with all my Love towards you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Richard Wilde