SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

About the dispensation of the 23rd and other opportunities being given by Heaven

Beloved El Morya
July 19, 2006

I AM El Morya Khan, having come to you in order to give a message. And on this day I must remind you of the dispensation concerning the 23rd day of each month. This dispensation allows you to get a chance to work off the karma of the following month based on your right spirit and behavior during the 23rd day. You know the terms of the dispensation. Today I would like to draw your attention again to the moment concerning working off your personal karma. You can use the given dispensation to help work off planetary karma and the karma of your country. But I would like to remind you and to clarify once again that you can also use that opportunity to work off your personal karma and the karma of your nearest relatives who have karmic connections with you. So, if on the 23rd you perform the praying practice one hour per day and make the proper call, all the energy will be multiplied by the number of participants taking part in the dispensation of that day. And that energy will, first of all, be directed to transmute the karma which impedes the steady evolutionary development on planet Earth. The rest of the energy will be directed to solve your personal karmic problems, which you will ask for. That chance is for you to get lightening of the karmic burden. So, use it, ask and you will be given according to the efforts you will apply, not only in the form of a prayer, but everything that you will do on that day, any activity of yours, may be devoted to work off the karma of the following month.

Let Divine energy through you and direct it to dissolve your karmic problems, whether they are connected with your husband, wife, children, parents or your colleagues at work.

That is a very important dispensation that really works now and helps you to break through your karmic problems. Any mechanism that Heavens give, should be used by you at full capacity.

Now, when I have reminded you of your opportunities and God's grace concerning the 23rd day of each month, I would like to approach the main point for the sake of which I have come. And I have come in order to give you the view of your situation, not the situation of each of you exactly, but the situation that has formed on Earth, the current situation on planet Earth. You have known from the previous dictations, which we have been giving in this cycle through this messenger, about the improvement of the situation on the planet. However, you should not relax or stop applying your efforts, because the process has just begun, and any relaxation is inappropriate. Only when you are capable of applying your efforts every day, will you be able to maintain steady rates of transformation of planet Earth.

Now your efforts are still not enough, and the reserve of the energy, used by us for stabilization, is not being filled so far. Energy filling becomes possible when more and more collaborators are able to give us the energy of their hearts. We appreciate the Love that you send us. Thus, your Love can fill in the wantage of the energy. We also appreciate your deeds, which you disinterestedly do for the Brotherhood. We much appreciate those, who in their consciousness are able to reach the level of the aware collaboration with the Hierarchy. And that Heaven's help that our collaborators feel at critical moments of their lives is determined by the measure of the sacrifice that they have been able to make before, serving us.

We send you thoughts and wishes, and you feel the energy you need to perform the Brotherhood's affairs on the physical plane. And the number of those incarnated collaborators of ours becomes bigger and bigger. I cannot come to each of you and express my acknowledgment and gratitude for the work that you do for the Brotherhood, but I can express my acknowledgment and gratitude through this messenger. Accept my low bow. I sincerely bend down before the Light of God in you and before those of your Divine qualities which allow you not to lose the way and to act in the interests of the Brotherhood, being on the Earth at this difficult time for the planet.

Feel responsibility and keep your aspiration. In fact, the love of constant effort and tireless application of effort distinguish our disciples. You can unmistakably identify our chelas among you. They do not whimper or complain about life but day after day they continue doing their job for the sake of which they have incarnated. And no life troubles or tests can stop them, for their Faith is strong, and their connection with their Higher Self doesn't allow them to lose the Way.

Our collaborators do not force anybody to pay attention to them. And they do not tell everybody about the big work that has been made and which is being done. No, they prefer to do their job quietly and tirelessly, without attracting excessive interest of the opposition. Everybody knows his job and does it.

Our collaborators are scatted about different countries and continents. And I would like to note the special work of our collaborators in such countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Armenia.

We are waiting for those to appear on the land of America who will also wake up and restore their lost connection with the Hierarchy. Every new dispensation and every new opportunity, which Heavens give, offers new perspectives for those people and those countries that use that opportunity and participate in it. So, do not be shy to maintain your relations with the Russian messenger. There are no national or continental boundaries for our Teaching. We taught mankind of the Earth even when there were no signs of the continents that now exist on the planet. And we will continue our training work and education of mankind, because we believe that mankind of the Earth will stand all the tests and with dignity will manifest those Divine qualities which are still lying dormant in most people of the planet.

We hope for collaboration with everyone; and to start your collaboration with the Hierarchy you can use my focus, my image and every day address me with your requests and problems, your questions and wishes. The divisibility of my consciousness and the opportunity given to me by God allow me to be present in many places simultaneously and to give you my directions and recommendations. I hear all of you, who address me. Only you have to learn to hear me. I come to you and speak from the silence of your heart. Try to hear me. Move away from fuss, sit quietly in front of my image or simply imagine me in your mind, I assure you, that if your aspiration to hear me is strong, you will certainly hear my voice deep in your heart. But it won't be a human voice usual to you. It will be the answer to all your questions. You will receive the answer and you will know that I have given it to you.

Have some training. You may not hear me from the very first time. Develop your quality of communication with the fine world.

I am always with you in the silence of your hearts, but I cannot be with you unless you prepare your temples for communication with me, unless you become free of most characteristic human habits. I will list some of them: alcohol, smoking, listening to rock music, negative states of your consciousness - offence, anger, depression, self-pity and etc.- all these prevent me from getting in touch with you on the higher plane, and prevent you from hearing me.

Don't give way to despair, if you have many imperfections. If you have chosen the Path and you tirelessly go along it every day, then, very soon everything odd, what impedes you, will be cast away by you as useless and burdening to you on the way.

And only those of your qualities will remain which are Divine, eternal. Literally in a few years you will look at yourself, at what you are now, and will be surprised at how much will have been changed in you.

I am leaving you and looking forward to our new meetings in your hearts.

Well, I say good-bye to you!

I AM El Morya,
always with you!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Richard Wilde