SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

The time for your actions has come!

Lord Shiva
June 21, 2014

I AM Shiva!

Today, on this day of the summer solstice I have come to you!

As always, I am adamant and full of determination.

My requirements to those who follow Us, are getting higher every day.

And this is quite obvious. If just a few years ago we tried to teach and guide you, now the time of your training is over; it is time for decisive actions.

There is no opportunity to learn the missing things any longer.

I am telling you that the situation becomes tense every day and even every hour.

Right now the moment has come, for which many of you have come into embodiment.

The balance of the planet is on the verge of collapse.

Peace on the Earth is literally hanging by a hair.

Instead of firmly standing up for the Divine world and against the world of illusion, many of our followers decided to have a rest, as though nothing is happening in the world.

I am telling you that the opposing forces do everything so that further evolutionary development on planet Earth becomes impossible.

I am telling you that exactly now the time has come when you must apply all your efforts, all your abilities, talents and skills, first of all, to restore the inner balance of powers and to get to the all-out attack in the external world.

You must return the Divine order into your world!

If you still pretend that nothing is happening, if you ignore your duty of sustaining the Divine patterns on the planet, you will lose your planet, that platform on which the development of billions of souls is taking place.

You are responsible for planet Earth!

You must stop doing nothing!

We have run out of the time planned for peaceful teaching!

The time has come for decisive actions!

Show what you have learned for these 10 years that you have been trained under the guidance of the Ascended Hosts!

The balance on the planet could be maintained with the help of praying Vigils. I personally asked you through our messenger to give this energy to the Masters during the praying Vigil on the 23 of March this year.

And if only ten thousand people supported my appeal, we could turn the situation on the planet back into a peaceful course already in the days of the spring equinox.

However, we could not find even two thousand praying people.

First, any negative manifestation forming in the subtle plane can be neutralized with the help of prayers. But then comes the moment when negative energies start their precipitation in the physical plane. And at this moment not only praying work is needed from you, but also your work in the physical plane.

The repulse of negative energies must be created in every plane of being!

I will remind you of this Law. When Great Masters of mankind come to give the Teaching to the incarnated humankind, they always do this before global negative processes are about to happen on the Earth.

We always give humankind a chance to go along the easiest path, the path of changing their own consciousness.

We give the Teaching, which makes it possible to change the consciousness of a sufficient number of incarnated individuals in a few years.

We spend a great deal of Divine energy, transmitting our Messages into your world.

However, the moment comes when humanity refuses to go along the royal road.

More and more individuals we had hoped for are tempted by the magic of the illusion and leave the Path.

And this moment has come.

When humanity makes a collective choice not to advance in an easier direction of consciousness changing, the law of Karma comes into effect.

Any karma can be softened at the level of thought and emotions. For this you should show the acknowledgement of mistakes and repentance.

When the easier path is rejected, the release of karma begins in the physical plane. And periodically, it happens in a more intensive way than it usually does.

Every time before another world war we obtain the consent of the Supreme Council of this Universe and get a dispensation for the transmission of our Teaching. We do that hoping that humanity will agree to follow the path of changing its consciousness.

However, our attempts fail every time, and we cannot reach and persuade the necessary number of incarnated individuals to follow the Path shown by us.

The realization of the karma always follows the rejection.

I must tell you that it is possible to get back to the easier path at any moment. I must also tell you that wars, catastrophes and natural disasters are not God's punishment.

All these incidents were born of the consciousness of the people who are incarnated now. So the retribution, as the consequence, unavoidably follows the cause that has created it.

The change in people's consciousness will occur in any case. It is inevitable as the sunrise. However, the question is how much suffering it takes humanity to learn their lessons.

I am giving you this Message hoping that at least a small number of our disciples will manage to unite and start acting.

You have to stop any manifestation of the opposing forces in all planes of being and in all spheres of human activity.

The more you will act in unity, the more avoidable will be the death, violence and troubles.

The time for your actions has come! Now!

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translators: Julia Zaytseva
and Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Linda Ploch

Listen to the recording of the dictation. Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N.Mickushina.