SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Those who are with God have nothing to fear!

Saint Germain
June 26, 2012

I AM Saint Germain!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have come to you again in order to strengthen my presence and to pay my respects to you who tirelessly work upon yourselves while reading our Messages.

And this is truly colossal work that you are carrying out, beloved!

The time has come when only your daily efforts applied to mastering the Divine science can change the situation in the world. Now the time has come when all your efforts will be multiplied manifoldly. Do not be confused by the fact that not everything around you changes as rapidly as you wish it to. Unfortunately, matter is very inert, and your efforts will only be manifested by the end of the current decade. And I, in turn, promise you that a new allowance of the Divine energy will be granted to planet Earth in the near future! It is already in the near future that the vibrations of the planet will rise onto the new level!

And what happens, beloved, when you begin to apply your efforts in order to get your house or office in order? Yes, at first everything looks very unattractive. You move things around, you throw away what you do not need and rearrange the things into new places. The same happens with your planet and yourselves. The energies and vibrations of the New Age are literally ousting from your four lower bodies those karmic blockages that have been accumulating there for millions of years. All the clutter of the old consciousness and old thinking is lying unattractively around you. And of course, fear stands first on the list because part of your and of the collective unconscious of mankind has adhered to the dark energies, the negative energies.

In the new world, there is no room, and there cannot be any, for old energies and old thinking that are based on fear! That is why everything that is obsolete is experiencing a sense of fear under the influence of the all-encompassing Divine energy of Love. And very soon the entire old world will collapse in its powerlessness! And the new thinking and the new consciousness will come into its rights.

This is the Law! No matter whether you want it or not, whether you accept it consciously or not, the new order is coming into the world!

Everything seems untidy and unattractive to you now. I can assure you that it's all temporary! And I am ready to give you pieces of advice on how you can ascend to the new cycle of development with the least amount of difficulties. To accomplish this, you need to develop fearlessness within yourself and rely on that part of yourself which is not afraid of the changes! You need to regain harmony with the Divine part of yourselves. Only from this point of harmony with the Divine world will you be able to see what is going on in your world from the correct point of view.

When you clean up your apartment, everything looks messy at the beginning. But as you go on with your effort, things take on a new look and a new order.

The same happens at the border-line of the changeover of the ages. Everything looks untidy at first and it seems impossible to separate what you will need in the new age, from what is old and what should be given up. But when you are armed with the knowledge of the processes taking place, it is easier for you to orientate yourselves and survive an existing chaos which will be soon replaced with the new order.

I came today in order to endow you with confidence in the future! The duration of the transitional period depends on how strong your inner confidence is in more joyful and better times ahead.

You are to change your consciousness and attitude to everything around you because the new age will be based on entirely new principles! And if you stick to fear, individualism, limitations, you will be left behind; you will fail to keep up with the train of evolution.

The new age will be established on community, freedom, and those relationships that are based on love and friendship.

Transformation of consciousness and thinking – that is what must be done first! And the sooner you can transform your consciousness, the fewer disasters and difficulties humanity will face in the near future. All the external problems are only caused by your unwillingness to adjust and to accept the energies of the new age.

I very clearly defined the tasks you are facing. And now I must dedicate some more time to show what the new era has in store for you.

When you feel that all around you is closed in by insurmountable obstacles, at that moment you must raise your head and appeal to God because the New Age will be marked as the return from unbelief to faith, from atheism to divinity.

You are to reread our Messages again. You must understand that these Messages represent a manual for you on the transition to the new age – the Age of Aquarius. You can consider them as the Bible of the new age or merely as recommendations for the time of transition. In any case, those of you who are able, surmounting inner resistance, to seriously plunge into studying our recommendations for the new age, will gain advantages over other people who are so ignorant that they are trying to apply the standards of the preceding ages to the new age.

I am glad to extend my helping hand and to render my support to those courageous pioneers who have taken risks to follow our pieces of advice and have fearlessly aspired to the New Age, spreading the sails of their being against the winds of changes.

Do not be afraid of anything! Those who are with God have nothing to fear!

I AM Saint Germain!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translators: Ekaterina Reznichenko
and Svetlana Nekrasova
Proofreading: group of volunteers
from Chicago, USA (IreneGalinsky,
Richard Wilde, Linda Ploch,
Jane Quint, Rita Bord)

Listen to the recording of the dictation. Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N.Mickushina.