SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Your consciousness and your ability to make distinctions
will give you an opportunity to continue the evolution

Beloved Babaji
June 23, 2012

I AM Babaji.

I have come this afternoon to renew our communion and our conversations that we have through this messenger.

Today I would like to talk about many things. Our conversation will cover the most important topics, eternal themes, the topics that have not lost their relevance even during millions of years of human evolution.

Everything is temporal. Your incarnations are temporal. Even your planet will cease to exist after it executes its mission.

Now I would like to get to the topic of our today's conversation. You know that the change of epochs is taking place on the Earth now. And every new era comes with its own energies which are designed to make adjustments and changes into the evolution of mankind of Earth.

Now there comes the era when you should refocus your mind from the perishable to the eternal. And it is not easy but it is necessary to do. And when I was in my incarnation, I exerted all my efforts to ensure that the people, who came to see me from all over the world, lose their interest in outward manifestations and strive to reach the eternal world with their entire being. That world is invisible and inaudible to human senses, but with the development of certain qualities of the soul, this world becomes perceivable, and it attracts you and all your being, because you feel intuitively that this is something that you should strive for.

Your state of consciousness determines everything that happens to you in your life. And not only in this life, but all that will happen to you in the future, in the future lives. That is why we come and give our talks, in order for you to change your consciousness and to turn it in the direction of the Divine Truth, the Divine reality.

It is hard to explain, but we can enable you to feel the state of consonance with the Divine world. I was able to give these states to the comers in the quiet dawn hours or after sunset during the morning and evening divine services. I spread that state from within me to all who were present. And after a person experienced that state of consonance with the Divine world, at least once, he obtained that personal experience of communication with God, and it remained with him till the end of his life. And one can try to convince this person for a long time that there is no God, but he will never believe you if the sense of the Divine at least once touched the heart of this man.

So all you need is to get your personal mystical experience of contact with the Divine. And then any kind of entertainment and trinkets of illusory world will no longer attract your attention. The whole diversity of the illusion will fade in comparison with the treasures of the spiritual world which you are to obtain.

It is hard to believe the stories of other people, but when a man experiences the breath of the eternal world himself, when he comes in contact with the eternity, then no temptations of the illusory world will ever attract his attention.

Therefore, I insist that you need your personal mystical experience.

Today we will brush on the question of how to recognize to what plane of Being your gained mystical experiences belong. There are many layers of the invisible world. And there are some levels that are not Divine. Therefore, a person who is aspiring to God cannot always be aware of and feel the difference between the various planes of the invisible world.

When I enabled my disciples to feel the Divine world, I did it as carefully and delicately as it was possible. But there are other people too, who have forgotten God but have not lost the ability to manipulate the astral plane and its inhabitants. Such people can also manipulate the individuals who are seeking God and call them in their groups to share their own rituals.

So I would like to warn you. With the refinement of the illusion it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish those people who entirely devoted their lives to serving God from those people who have turned the service to God into their profession.

Feel the difference between the servants of God and the ministers of religion.

Sometimes only your Higher Self, your intuition is able to make this subtle distinction. And exactly when you are able to distinguish the true servants of God from the servants of the ego behind all the rituals and trappings, only then will you be ready to part with the illusion of your world and to move on to the higher planes of Being.

Now it is the time when many will be talking about God. Few will dare to deny God. But each will mean different things speaking about God. And your task is to develop and to train your spiritual muscles to make your distinctions in any external circumstances.

The fuss of the outer world is to make you retreat. After a while you will feel the difference between the outer fuss and the inner peace. And you will give preference to the inner sense of peace and harmony.

The fuss will leave your world. And then you will be able to attune to the world of the Divine. All perishable things will eventually leave your world. But not before you learn how to make your distinction between the true, Divine world and the illusory world.

Your consciousness and your ability of discernment will give you the opportunity to continue the evolution.

You are to overcome many subtle layers in your consciousness before you can be established on the rock of the Divine state of consciousness.

But until then you will fall and get up, gain your experience and make mistakes.

And no matter how many times you were wrong, it is important for you to come to God, to return Home.

I AM Babaji, with Love to you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Richard Wilde

Listen to the recording of the dictation. Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N.Mickushina.