SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

By unfettering yourselves from low states of consciousness you save the whole world

Beloved Quan Yin
June 24, 2011

I AM Quan Yin.

I have come with an unusual message today. This message is being dictated by time and necessity. The situation on the planet is growing less and less predictable year by year. And we cannot predict the situation even for six months. Therefore, at present there are four Karmic Board sessions per year instead of two, as was the case before.

Yet, the dispensation of your letters to the Karmic Board still persists twice a year – in the days of the winter and summer solstices.

During the current session of the Karmic Board we were considering the possibility of balancing the situation on the planet. The achievement of balanced and stable development on planet Earth has been our tireless concern for the last several years.

Cataclysms, manifestation of aggression in the form of acts of terrorism, wars and revolutions - all these are the consequences of an imbalanced state of consciousness of people on Earth. You know this, and many a time you have heard this Teaching on how to avoid cataclysms on the planet.

There is a direct and permanent connection between the state of consciousness of people and different disasters that happen on the planet. When people's consciousness deteriorates, cataclysms increase. It is a part of the process of interaction of all living things. So, the task of the Ascended Masters and my task, as the goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is to minimize those inevitable consequences that are caused by the imperfect consciousness of people.

As can be seen by statistics, the number of catastrophes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, man-made disasters and severe weather events increases year by year. And since those cataclysms that are taking place at this time were formed by the level of consciousness people had several years ago and even several decades ago, it is easy to forecast the future growth of cataclysms, disasters and other troubles, misfortunes and diseases.

The only way out of this unfavourable impasse is a rapid change of consciousness of the incarnated humanity, a rapid positive and qualitative leap of consciousness when the bulk of mankind rises to the new level of consciousness.

It is a desirable and quite achievable goal. And if we bear in mind the law of cyclic development of mankind, it means that if the pendulum has swung back, it will swing forward, sooner or later. Our task is to minimize possible consequences of excessive deviation from the evolutionary path of development of humanity.

The whole arsenal of means that the Ascended Masters wield is now set into motion. And if you could add your efforts to ours, we would together cope much more quickly and more successfully with the consequences of mankind's wrong choices.

A more balanced and successful development and your entry into the period of the Golden Age is created by the consciousness vectors of positively directed individuals. The more human individuals there are who are able to harmonize themselves, the surrounding people and conditions, and the greater efforts and aspirations they demonstrate, the sooner mankind will enter the passage of sustainable and stable development.

And in different ways this simple thought is brought home to those individuals who can perceive our Teaching, and with the help of these messages as well. There is always hope for your entering the passage of steady development, but there is also a possibility that the situation will get out of control. So, there is very little time left for your consideration.

All that you can really do is to change your approach to everything around you. There are deviations from the Divine path of development in all the spheres of human activity.

The system of education not so much educates the future generations as much as it deprives them of their wish to study and to self-perfect in God.

The public health service takes away the rest of people's health.

The financial system is pegged not to the results of creative labour but to the mental and emotional swings of those people who gamble on the stock exchange and manage funds.

The political system is completely detached from people's needs, and serving the weak and poor members of the society is substituted by serving personal interests of separate individuals.

Mass media spread anything but information (rumours, gossips, scandals and criminal stories).

All the spheres of human activity should be transformed in accordance with the Divine Law, otherwise they will not be able to exist.

Mankind has arrived at such a point in its development from where non-existence is already clearly evident.

We make one attempt after another to change the situation. And it is due to the Divine Mercy that we continue giving our directions through this message transmission. We throw a life buoy to those who are still capable of emerging from the waters of illusion, seizing this practically last chance that the Heavens are giving.

At the existing level of human consciousness, only a few are able to evolve without the physical platform. The rest of the people need a physical platform to continue evolution. So we count toward those few people whom we are trying to help.

But even if only a few people manage to achieve a new level of consciousness as a result of reading our messages, we will insist on the opportunity of giving our messages and we will come with our talks and directions again and again.

And in conclusion of my message today I would like you to realise the full responsibility for the situation on the planet. If you could obtain my level of consciousness just for several seconds and see your actions with my eyes, I think that your consciousness would change very quickly.

You resemble those people who continue their party while planet Earth is trying to save its physical platform from destruction with all its remaining might.

The feast of life is over. The time has come for hard inner work. By unfettering yourselves from low states of consciousness you save the whole world.

This is because everything is interconnected in our world. And a wing beat of a butterfly is heard as a roar in the subtle worlds. What then is the effect of your actions, thoughts and feelings?

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Richard Wilde

Listen to the recording of the dictation. Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N.Mickushina.