SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

All the changes will come to your world from within you

Quan Yin
December 29, 2011

I AM Quan Yin. I have come.

And today we will talk again about eternal subjects. About the everlasting. For there is much fuss in your world but it is extremely rare that it is possible to find something that belongs to eternity.

And the most important thing that you lack in your lives is the sense of the Divine, Eternal Law that is present in the universe and runs through the entire universe. Then, when you are able to raise your consciousness to the Divine, you break off the illusion and are able to perceive that which is everlasting.

There exist the qualities which are eternal and which are present within each of you. And these Divine qualities you should find in the depth of your hearts and spread them to the world around you.

You are waiting for the changes in the reality around you. You foresee the approaching changes and you are expecting them. Now the time has come to understand that all the changes, which will take place, will come to your world from within you. For that you should approach the Divine reality in your consciousness.

Then, when you are able to advance within yourselves and to enter the secret abode of your heart, you will manage to bring the transformations closer to your world.

And this is the Path about which we do not become tired of repeating to you. The Path, lying in your hearts.

Believe me, it is not outside of you that the changes will take place and bring closer the Golden Age of humanity. These changes will come from inside of your being.

Everything that exists in the external world now distracts you from the Truth, lying in your hearts. Retreat to the silence of your hearts, feel the peace and the bliss of eternity. From that point will you be able to have the right view on everything that surrounds you in the external world.

As I have come at the end of the annual cycle, it is my duty to give you an idea about the forthcoming transformation. You see that the energies of regeneration more and more actively start penetrating into your world and into your consciousness. And the point is to what extent you will manage to overcome your external consciousness and give preference to the inner transformations. Now my words seem at least strange for many. For I am speaking about the changes which are not visible from a merely human view. I am speaking about the subtle processes that take place inside of your being. And these subtle processes exert much more influence and effect on your world than any external actions. Any manifestations in the external world: cataclysms, natural calamities, meetings and revolutions, wars and terrorist acts – all these are secondary. And it is possible to avoid all that easily. If only you exerted yourself and read our Messages carefully and listened to those pieces of advice that we are giving to you.

Any of the most subtle impulses of your soul causes inevitable changes in the physical world. And if you experience the states of happiness, love and peace, then you exert influence on the vast distances around you and, perhaps, even on the whole planet. The more subtle, Divine feelings you experience, the bigger influence you exert on the surrounding physical world. That explains why a small number of saints can balance the situation on the whole planet.

Negative feelings and thoughts have their influence on the physical world as well. Fortunately, due to the low vibrations, these energies do not have significant influence, as they cover a small distance. And if these negative states of consciousness did not reign over the minds and hearts of the overwhelming part of the incarnated individuals, their influence could be neglected. The problem is that so-called mass consciousness is prevailing in your world. And at this stage of human development this mass consciousness becomes dangerous for further destiny of the world. Therefore, you are given advice on how to get out of the control of mass consciousness.

Only by giving preference to the contemplation of eternity, unfolding in your hearts, it is possible to get rid of the negative energies that are so widespread in your society.

The changes are inevitable because they are caused by the rise of the vibrations of the planet on the whole. The more humankind will stick to the former style of life and the former behaviour stereotypes, supported by mass consciousness and by the negative impact of the majority of the mass media, including the Internet, the more severe tests humankind may undergo in the near future. And vice versa, if qualitative changes take place in the people's consciousness, the leap of the consciousness towards the Divinity, the more smoothly the changes will descend.

The only thing is to wait for the path humankind will choose this time. Many times had I been incarnated on the Earth in ages past before the most severe trials that humankind went through. And I was not the only one but there were also many other Beings of Light. Now I come indirectly, using the conductors of our messenger. But the value of my advice and directions does not become less significant because of that.

All of you will have to make your final choice in the near future, which path to follow, the Divine Path or to continue manifesting your will in sticking to the path that leads nowhere.

It has never been told so clearly and concretely. I have come and I have warned you once again. Is it for the last time?

I AM Quan Yin with deep mercy and compassion to your souls.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Richard Wilde

Listen to the recording of the dictation. Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N.Mickushina.