SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

A traditional message at the beginning of the year

Gautama Buddha
January 1, 2011

I AM Gautama Buddha.

I have come today in order to speak about the vital things again, to speak about what is happening on planet Earth and what is still ahead for the planet.

We have said many times that the vibrations of the planet are rising. The rise of vibrations is a necessary process. And this process was planned by the supreme management body of this universe.

Unfortunately, this seemingly good event connected with the rise of vibrations is not a very comfortable and joyful event for the common ordinary human individuals who are incarnated today.

The rise of the vibrational frequency impacts on all of your bodies.

Your physical body and your more subtle bodies get into a field of vibrations untypical of them. When you are in your own vibrations, inherent in you, you feel comfortable. Once you get to a level untypical of you, you start feeling discomfort. This can manifest itself as diseases of your physical body or various inferior psychic states like a feeling of fear, aggression, depression and unwillingness to live.

Inferior states of consciousness may lead to mass unrest and manmade disasters of different degrees. That is because your technocratic civilisation is based too much on different kinds of equipment requiring the qualitative efficiency of workers who service it. Therefore, now the whole planet, especially those regions where there is a highly developed civilisation, is entering a high risk area.

Inferior states of human consciousness lead not only to manmade disasters, but to natural disasters as well. You know that during the last one hundred years the number of various natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, increased several times. And this is a consequence of the tension in the astral plane caused by your state of consciousness.

That is why we come time after time and give our recommendations and warn about the technical safety rules that are necessary to follow so that life on Earth can continue.

We ask you to restrict the influence of mass consciousness on yourself and your children. This concerns the restriction of watching TV programmes, listening to radio programmes and listening to low-quality music. We also ask you to cut down on consuming meat, not to consume alcohol, drugs and nicotine, and not to play aggressive computer games.

These are very simple requirements. And I will explain why it is necessary to meet them. All the things I have listed above bring about a fall in your vibrations. And consequently, you have to be in discord with the general vibrational background of the Earth that rises year upon year. So, if you were allowed to do all those things in former times, now they become dangerous for you. And they become more and more dangerous from year to year.

Many people try to lapse into a state of comfort by increasing their dose of alcohol or nicotine and listening to the new kinds of so-called "music"; however this makes you go deeper and deeper into negative states of consciousness.

We offer you simple recipes. We suggest that you use all the means available to you to maintain your consciousness at the highest possible level. In that case your vibrations are in phase with the vibrational background of the planet and you are able to remain on the evolutional path of development.

Unfortunately, big cities, being the centres of mass consciousness, are unable to withstand the speed of the rise of the vibrational level of the planet. Life in big cities will become very dangerous in the course of time. In our messages we have also told you about the necessity of living in harmony with nature. A few years will pass by, and you will search for these dictations of ours as if for your granny's New Year's pie recipes, trying to follow what we are asking you.

But just as the products are no longer available with which your granny used to make that pie, the taste of which you remember from your childhood, these recipes of ours may already be useless in a few years' time.

Just as the products in the shops have the same names as they used to have, but are not the same now, being just artificial surrogates, so too the spiritual food, offered to you by your mass media, is not such, being just a surrogate which you habitually devour without feeling any satisfaction.

The existing civilisation has reached a deadlock. And the only way out of this deadlock is to raise your head and aspire upward - to God. You have to make your choice consciously and decide what the priorities in your life are: you with all your carnal desires, or God.

You should try to give your answer to this question before the end of this year.

We give our messages with the hope that at least a few hundreds or tens of people will be able to waken from the illusion of the surrounding world and stir up the rest.

The battle is raging on for every soul. And each of you, who reads our messages, is dear to us. We are ready to do much for yourself, but you should take the first step and ask us for help.

Only when you realise that you are following the wrong path and ask us for help, will we send a guide who will lead you to the path of Light.

We cannot render you the help that you really need while you doubt and think that we simply tell you scary stories.

I have come with a traditional message at the beginning of the year, and I have given you all the necessary recommendations.


I AM Gautama Buddha.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Jane Quint