SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Fill the space around you with perfect models

Elohim Apollo
December 30, 2009

I AM Elohim Apollo.

I have come at this difficult time for planet Earth in order to give you a universal recipe for welfare, joy and inspiration!

I AM responsible for manifestation of beauty in the physical octave and in the finer worlds. I AM responsible for inspiration and insight.

People forgot about my existence. People do not call me anymore when they start any activity.

All human activities should be accompanied by Divine inspiration. Regardless of what you do in your octave, you should do it with joy and inspiration.

Oh, it is very simple, beloved. You do not feel lofty sentiments because you are surrounded by imperfect forms and imperfect sounds.

And in order to align the vibrations of your world with the Divine vibrations, you should fill your world with perfect models in every type of activity and, first of all, in the art sphere.

But even if you are not an artist, a composer or a musician and you are very far from art, turn to me for help and I will fill any kind of your work with divine inspiration. And if you are making a holiday cake or a renovation in your apartment, I will fill that work of yours with inspiration and joy. And the result of that work of yours will manifest in a more perfect form. Imagine if all the people were guided by Divine inspiration in their everyday activity. Their labour would be inspired, and the result of their work would have more perfect vibrations.

You lack joy and inspiration in your life. But that is only because you have deprived yourselves of that good, refusing to cooperate with the Divine world. All great works in any kind of art have always been inspired from above, and the person who has created them has merely allowed the Higher virtues to create through him. That is how the best works of art have been created.

Nobody has taken your right of cooperation with God and the Divine energies, beloved. Elementals, as beings that sustain forms, angels as representatives of the Higher world, are always ready for cooperation and are always ready to help you. As well as I am.

You have created unbearable conditions around you, the conditions which are impossible for any representatives of the Higher worlds to stay in.

You need to break away from that vicious circle. You must surround yourselves with beautiful models in your life, with soft enchanting music and refined forms.

You need to develop a taste for beauty in the new generation of people. The sense of beauty, the knowledge of proportions, the sense of tact in communication not only with people but also with the representatives of the fine world should be taken in by the new generation of people with their mother's milk. Then, becoming adults, those people will manage to organize their living space in such a way that angels and elementals will always be able to stay with them. And perhaps, I will be able to stay in order to direct your hand in your work so it could draw a line the exquisiteness of which will be admired by many generations of people.

Everything in your life depends on your preferences and the energies you maintain around you. And if you always wear black mournful clothes with the images of death and hell symbols, listen to loud music with irregular beat, I can guarantee you that within a radius of several kilometres around you neither elementals, nor angels, not to mention me, will be able to stay.

Everything is in your power, beloved. And many things do not require any expenses. Everything depends on the quality of what is around you. There are things which contain Divine vibrations and there are things that contain the opposite vibrations. You need to learn to make distinctions. It is because the quality of what is around you will attract either beings of Light or creatures of the dark world into your life.

The exquisiteness of the objects and things around you will gradually come. But your first step, and the main step, is to call the energies of the Light before any activity and any initiative of yours.

Probably, there are people but there are very few of them on the Earth who remember that before starting any work, it is necessary to pray. Most part of humankind is deep in ignorance relying only on their carnal muscles in all their deeds. And even worse, it happens that forces of the dark and evil spirits are called in.

Innocent souls, deprived of true and elementary knowledge in the field of the Divine world, who do not know the power of the prayer, are forced to give birth to repulsive models in the sphere where they work.

Only the call of the Light forces that you make every day and several times a day before starting any activity (work, domestic chores, education) is capable to change your life completely in a little while and fill it with Light and inner sense.

It is not burdening, beloved, and it does not cost anything. Only your wish is needed.

I understand it very well that very many people, exposed to constant pressure of non-divine manifestations of your world, constantly experience depressing states of their consciousness. It is natural, as a matter of course. However, you should make yourself move, you should pull yourself out of the swamp of your world, gradually filling your world with more and more perfect models and manifestations.

You need the Renaissance. Your souls are craving for beauty. They are tired of ugliness and inharmoniousness of your world.

Fill the space around you with perfect models, do everything that is in your power.

After all, you can take those models of the past that have stood the test of time, and you can reproduce the pictures and statuettes of the Renaissance. Use your wit.

Only beauty, only perfect Divine models can take human consciousness out of the swamp.

Perfect vibrations of Divine models influence the entire space. Divine models of any kind of art can protect the space, as well as the icon full of praying energy.

I offer you my help in transformation of the space around you. Refer to me:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, Elohim Apollo, I am asking you to take the space around me under your own control and to fill it only with Divine manifestations everywhere I am: at home, at work, at public places."

Wherever I can manifest my presence, I will fulfil your appeal to me.

Thus, beauty and Divine models in every sphere of human activity is what you need now!

I AM Elohim Apollo.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Ekaterina Reznichenko
Proofreader Jane Quint