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I have brought you two pieces of news – one is sad and the other one is joyful

Beloved El Morya,
January 7, 2006

I AM El Morya; I have come again through my messenger.

Just as the last time when we were giving the previous cycle of dictations through this messenger[1]], this time I have come to announce the ending of this cycle of dictations.

It does not mean that we have stopped working through this or any other messenger who has prepared his or her temple to become a pure vessel and enabled us to work through him or her.

Simply a certain stage has been completed, a cycle has been finished and new cycles are ahead.

I hope that the dictations received by you this time will be useful for your development and advancement on the Path.

One thing I have to announce today has remained incomplete and unrealized.

This concerns the new information about the dispensation of the 23rd day of each month.

You remember that in my dictation from June 27, 2005, I gave you a dispensation related to the 23rd day of each month and this dispensation was active until the end of last year.

Now the yearly cycle is over, but I have to announce to you that the dispensation will be active for a period of another year. I have succeeded in persuading the Karmic Board and receiving their assistance in the extension of the period of this dispensation, because the energy we were receiving during the operation of the dispensation last year has been acknowledged as satisfactory.

We are happy that you have taken advantage of the given opportunity. Many of you have. I hope that during this year new light bearers will join this dispensation.

Do not forget that on the 23rd day of each month until the end of this year you have a chance to transmute the karma of the next month. Your efforts will be multiplied by the number of light bearers who will take part on that day in the action granted to you by Heaven.

I will not repeat to you all the conditions of this dispensation. I will only say that all the conditions stated by me in the previous message dedicated to the action of this dispensation are in force.

This is a great mercy shown to you by Heaven. I hope that this year will become a year of great achievements in the spiritual field on planet Earth.

All of us are hoping for that.

I can honestly say that we do not feel like ending this cycle of dictations.

But the Law does not allow us to spend more energy than has been released.

Therefore, we hope that the next opportunity is just around the corner and will still come this year.

This is all for today. I have brought you two pieces of news – one is sad and the other one is joyful. The sad one concerns the ending of the cycle of the dictations, and the joyful one refers to the extension of the operation of the dispensation of the 23rd day of each month.

Everything should be balanced, and everything should be harmonized.

I am saying goodbye to you and I hope for future meetings.

I AM El Morya.

[1] Beloved El Morya is referring to the cycle of dictations from March 4 until June 30, 2005. At that time, at the end of the cycle, in his dictation, “I congratulate you on the successful completion of this unique experiment on the transferring of the vital and timely information to the physical plane”, from June 30, 2005, beloved El Morya also announced the completion of the cycle of dictations.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Nailya Valeeva
Proofreader Jean Kana