SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

A Teaching on the right use of the Divine energy

Master Godfre,[1]
July 6, 2009

I AM Godfre.

I come extremely rarely through this messenger. And taking the opportunity of today I would like to address the wide audience of lightbearers of the whole world.

I incarnated in America, and today I come through a Russian messenger. The very fact of my message today speaks for itself. There are no contradictions between individuals when they reach a certain spiritual level of their development.

When you are in lowland you can see mountains in the distance, but you do not have a wide view. When you climb to the top of a mountain a landscape opens before you that you could not see while you were in the lowland. So your task is not to twiddle-twaddle and not to get stuck in the swamp of everyday vanity. Your task is to raise yourself in your consciousness as high as possible to the sphere where there are no contradictions between people.

Differentiation in your world exists only because you have not reached that level of consciousness from where the wide horizon of the Divine Freedom is opened.

I spent my last incarnation in America. And I love that country very much. And I am also glad that I can come through the Russian messenger because the relations between these two countries should be maintained.

The spiritual development of Russia can give much to America. And the experience of America can be adopted by Russia as well.

There is a Divine solution to any problem and contradiction in the physical plane. And when there is a sufficient number of ardent hearts ready to kindle thousands of lightbearers with their own example, then any ice, any coldness of relations between any countries of the world will melt.

It is necessary to rise above politics, above economics, above any human spheres of relations.

I will reveal a very big secret to you. And this secret should be told to as many people as possible. Immediately! This secret is that as soon as you let God be present in yourself, you change everything around you.

You, each of you, let God be present within you! Invite your I AM Presence to enter your temples and to stay in them constantly.

There is a divine spark within each of you. That is why each of you can make your physical temple a place of the constant presence of God. You can expand the presence of God in you only as much as your physical and more subtle conductors can bear.

All the spheres of human life are determined only by the extent to which people let God be present within them.

This is a very simple truth. And this is just what you need to do every day - to invite your I AM Presence to your temple.

This is the simplest practice and the simplest spiritual technique that may ever be.

You say:

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I invite my I AM Presence, a divine spark within me, to be with me throughout this day. I ask you, my I AM Presence, to take under your immediate control all my actions, deeds, words, feelings and thoughts. I ask you, my mighty I AM Presence, to act through me throughout this day, to guide my life. Amen.”

And after your call the presence of God in you will be reinforced as much as your four lower bodies may allow. You will become a conductor of Light for your world.

Your world needs Light. Your world experiences a lack of energy. You should use your Light with great care. You are responsible for the Light that you give to the people around you.

There are people who need your Light, your energy, as a drink of water in a hot desert. And your energy will give them an opportunity to have a rest and wend their way through life again. But other people want only to take and get your Light, they do not want to do anything themselves and, moreover, they use the received energy not for Divine purposes but for the purposes opposite to the Divine. In such a case the karma of their misuse of the energy falls upon you. You are responsible for the Light that you give. And you should use it correctly in your lives.

One does not water a dry tree. And one does not water weeds. But something that is alive that yields well should get its portion of reviving water.

I have given you a Teaching on the right use of the Divine energy in your lives.

Idle talk, endless bickering - all this makes you use the Divine energy incorrectly.

God gives you energy so that you could energise those who are in need, who need your help and support for further wending through life.

I have given you a Teaching on the careful use of the Divine energy. But only you yourselves can and must put this Teaching into practice in your lives.

I AM Godfre

[1] Ascended Master Godfre incarnated as Guy W. Ballard, the messenger of Saint Germain. The teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and the Law of the I AM Presence came to earth through him. He was keeping the focus of Christ consciousness for the planet till his ascension in the year 1939. His wife Edna Ballard is now Ascended Lady Master Lotus. Guy Ballard wrote under the pseudonym Godfre Ray King.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translators Ekaterina Reznichenko and Svetlana Nekrasova