SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

I am calling you into the future!

Archangel Michael,
June 22, 2009

I AM Archangel Michael.

I have come surrounded by the angels of the blue flame. And today I would like you to fully concentrate your attention on the message that I am giving you.

Now and for the coming days, the time has come when we must focus our efforts on helping the planet. And this is my message and my warning to you.

I have been carefully choosing the words and thinking about how to get a simple truth over to you that you have reached such time when you have to share with the Ascended Hosts the responsibility for everything that happens on the planet.

You are not eager to take over this responsibility, yet to take the responsibility for the planet you will have to. And that is the next level of consciousness onto which you should rise.

You are still worried about what is happening around you, you are so enthralled by the illusion that surrounds you at home and at work, and which is shown on TV. However, there are much more important and substantial things that the time has come for you to start thinking about.

The entire world, the physical and the subtle planes of existence are trembling because of many of your actions, thoughts and feelings. Both I and the other beings of Light, sometimes watch with a shudder another burst of negative energy which humanity releases through its folly. Every time an uncontrolled release of negative energy happens, it takes a great effort by numerous beings of Light to balance out the situation so that the consequences for the physical plane do not become catastrophic.

Now the time has come when you, the best representatives of the human community, must share with us, the Ascended Hosts, the responsibility for planet Earth, for everything that happens on the planet. And this is the level of consciousness which must be truly achieved by you in the nearest future.

Stop looking at the people that surround you, stop following the lead you see around you and on TV screens. The time is coming when you should follow the direction which you get from your hearts. There are more subtle energies and processes that are occurring around you on more subtle planes. And these processes are reflected within you as certain states of your consciousness. It is not always that the things occurring in the subtle planes can be consciously understood by you and not everything reaches your external consciousness, but there does exist a certain intuition, premonition and inspiration. And if you become honest with yourself, if you enter your heart and feel the vibrations of a more subtle plane, then you will undoubtedly hear the warning tocsin ringing on planet Earth. And this tocsin is a danger signal. It is an indicator of the ill-being of the planet.

How can the situation be changed and what can be done now in order for the preponderance of forces on the planet to open up an opportunity of a bright future again?

I think that it will not be superfluous to remind you that be the times ever so hard for you and be the thoughts and states filling you so heavily, you still must find the strength to say:

“I know that these states are not real. I know that the illusion is strong, but I am ready to oppose, with all the power of my Love pouring from my heart against the illusory forces. I love this world. I love God and His creation, and I will not allow this world to be destroyed. Beloved Archangel Michael and the angels of protection, I am asking you to use my lifestream to help the legions of Light. I know that nothing will happen to my planet as long as at least one lightbearer acts consciously on the side of the powers of Light.”

As soon as we gather a sufficient number of individuals who are ready in their hearts to firmly support the Light, then we will be able to ask the Great Central Sun and all the Cosmic committees for mercy so that the Earth gets help and this help comes without delay.

Much is upon the die at this moment. Most human individuals are not ready for a change of consciousness. And volunteers are needed to demonstrate a new level of consciousness, the consciousness that is not tied to the physical or astral plane but is ready to cooperate with the Higher Worlds.

And when there is a sufficient number of individuals capable of demonstrating a new consciousness, then, due to their efforts, the consciousness of other people will begin to change too.

You all are interconnected in more subtle planes of being. And there is a necessity for a higher frequency of consciousness to resonate like a tuning fork in space, so that the souls of those people who are stuck in the illusion rise again and cast their glances heavenward.

I envy you, those who are incarnated at this very tough time. Because the future of the planet and of millions of souls who are caught in the illusion and do not see daylight depend on your ability to keep your consciousness pure, heavenward and accordant with the Higher Worlds.

Lead by example! Be brave, be enduring and be inventive. Invent the ways that will carry millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Do sound on the top note. Do set the pattern!

I am calling you into the future!

I AM Archangel Michael!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova